maandag 30 juli 2012

Job offers from hell

Everybody gets them once in a while : job offers that make you cringe.

While processing my personal inbox this evening, I ran into this little gem :

Hi Wim

A global IT service provider are recruiting for a senior project manager who has experience around IT Security / Network Infrastructure project delivery, $location based role. Permanent. Very strong package

Do you happen to have Prince2 or PMP?

Are you open to exploring new opportunities?

 Now, I'm not necessarily looking and normally I hit delete on this kind of messages with the quickness but something set me off on this one so I graced the sender with a nice response :

Hi (redacted),
you said :
"Do you happen to have Prince2 or PMP"
I'm having a tough time taking this question seriously.  You are looking for a senior project manager and immediately equal that level to the possession of a specific certificate that proves nothing but the fact that a person was able to pass an exam.  I've seen my share of Prince2 and PMP certified 'senior' project manager trying to lead IT Security projects and will vehemently disagree to any assertion that the cert would've helped them to succeed in the projects they were involved in. On the contrary, understanding (information security) risk, advanced people skills and technical prowess set apart the men from the boys (or the women from the girls). I would never ever consider a job offer from an organisation that isn't even remotely in touch with reality (understanding you're the middle man here, don't hesitate to forward this email to your client as a matter of education).

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