maandag 30 april 2012

I'm looking for you ...

Let's see if this internet thingy really works ... Dear Claire, I'm looking for you.

This all may seem really silly but it is kinda important to me to follow through on this one.  While my friends and I were standing outside the Shelbourne hotel in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday April 21st you and your friends came out, ready to party.  While the conversation we had was short and could be regarded as random chatter, I remember you asking if the kids you worked with as a clinical psychologist could really do those things with computers they claimed they did. We discussed it some further and I promised you to get you in touch with local hackerspaces to see if those kids could channel their energy in a more 'positive' way. Obviously, I didn't write down your email address, neither did I leave mine at the reception desk as you asked.  You carted off into the night and there's a slim chance I'll ever know how to follow through on my promise ...

Here goes, if you know who you are and remember this conversation, get in touch through email at wremes[at]gmail[dot]com ... if not, at least I tried :-)


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